Top 5 Surprising SEO Tactics to Help Your Website Top the Charts

seo tactics

According to a survey released last year, 46% of companies spent no money on their SEO strategy. Is it any surprise that so many websites struggle to get attention?

You can learn from their mistakes. SEO is a crucial part of growing your affiliate brand, but it isn’t something you should take lightly.

Before coming up with an SEO strategy, check out these five SEO tactics that are sure to help your website top the charts.

1. Revamp Your Landing Page

When it comes to your website, there’s one page that’s more important than the rest. We’re talking about your landing page.

Your landing page is what (in a perfect world) converts visitors into buyers. Therefore, you’ll have to make sure it’s as strong as it can be.

Give it a captivating headline that sums up the value proposition of taking action.

Then, include a few brief details via bullet points. Finally, add a call to action that tells visitors what to do next.

Make the focal point of your landing page an interactive element such as a sign-up sheet to minimize confusion.

2. Simplify Your URL Structure

If you’re not tech-savvy, the above header likely made you nervous. Not to worry, simplifying your URL structure isn’t as tough as it sounds. In fact, you can probably do it from your website’s dashboard!

So what should a simplified URL look like?

For starters, it should use hyphens. Adding hyphens makes the URL easier to read — and not just for your audience, either.

Search engines deploy web crawlers to scan sites for readability. The idea is that if a bot can read the URL, a human can, too.

Your URL is also a great place to add keywords.

If you’re having trouble switching your structure, Google has a great guide to simple URL structuring.

3. Provide Content with Value

A website might be a sales tool, but that doesn’t mean you can talk at your audience all day.

Audiences want something in exchange for their time. You can give them what they’re looking for by adding content like blogs and videos to your site.

Visitors should come away from your content with something of value. Use your content as an opportunity to address customer pain points and relevant concerns.

Know what you’re talking about and don’t push sales without providing value.

4. Cross-Promote Content

Having a great content library is a wonderful start. But it isn’t always enough to bring eyes to your site.

Instead, find the platforms where your audience spends the most time and cross-promote your content.

Sites like Facebook or Twitter have huge built-in audiences. Gaining exposure via social media can drive tons of traffic to your site and provide a huge boost to your SEO.

5. Optimize for Mobile

57% of all web traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets.

To keep up with your audience’s demand, make sure that your site is accessible via a mobile browser or app.

It’s also worth noting that mobile compatibility is something web crawlers account for when scanning a site, so don’t ignore the significance of a mobile-ready site.

Grow Your Website with These SEO Tactics

A strong SEO strategy is essential to your business’ growth. And with these SEO tactics, you have a strong foundation to help your website flourish.

Of course, these tactics are only the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about site optimization or how you can use your website to make money online, get in touch today.