The Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing

benefits of video marketing

Hoping to boost engagement and increase your audience range?

Good blog posts and effective web design are crucial factors but you shouldn’t ignore other tools too. For one thing, you can’t deny the popularity and efficiency offered by video marketing.

Not sure how it works or why you should invest resources into it? Here are 5 benefits of video marketing you simply cannot ignore:

1. Videos Click With Mobile Users

Did you know there are over 5 billion people now with mobile phones? Videos are the perfect type of content for mobile users because of their simplicity. People don’t need to scroll, read small text, or spend too much time to get the message.

They can digest a video and understand its content in minutes and never have to leave a page to do so.

2. Videos Boost Conversions

Let’s not mince words: effective video marketing can help boost conversions and ROI. It’s the future of content marketing and you need videos to make a killer landing page.

Think about it: most people prefer to watch explainer videos or video reviews before they purchase a product or avail of a service. Go on YouTube and you’ll find a plethora of unboxing videos and reviews for movies, video games, restaurants, and tourist spots.

3. Google Loves Videos

Video marketing can also help your SEO efforts. Videos are an underutilized tool that are only now beginning to pick up some steam.

Take a moment to understand Google Penguin and Google Panda. These are two algorithm updates that emphasize better user experience while also scrutinizing backlinks, content relevance, keyword stuffing, and user satisfaction.

You can satisfy both algorithm updates with good video content. The best videos become viral, meaning thousands of people will share the video online and get it trending. That indicates a good, effective video.

4. Building Trust

Video marketing isn’t simply about disseminating information quickly. It’s also about building trust between your brand and consumers.

Effective videos help clarify your marketing to your consumers. You know you made an effective video if it explains all there is about a product or service and people aren’t asking questions. People should watch a video and celebrate its content instead of asking for further clarification.

Once you achieve this, you’ll gain consumer trust. They’ll share the video and spread positive word-of-mouth. This all works towards building a solid brand.

5. Informing and Entertaining

At the very least, your videos should achieve two simple goals: informing the consumers while entertaining them.

Look at it this way: reading a long blog post describing the benefits of your service is all fine and dandy. However, it might take people 10 minutes to go through your post. That’s too much time and you could lose readers with each passing sentence.

People can digest videos in a shorter period, increasing engagement and lowering abandonment rates. At the same time, interesting videos can become entertaining. This is important because boring content, even short videos, could still lose an audience.

Enjoy the Benefits of Video Marketing Now

Why wait when you can start enjoying the benefits of video marketing now? Showcase products in quick and entertaining videos to boost sales and increase engagement.

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