Should You Use Video or Image Ads on Facebook?

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Facebook’s paid ads service is a great way to boost sales for your product or service. If you are serious about growing your business, we highly encourage you to use Facebook’s paid ads service.

But you are probably asking yourself – do I opt for video ads or image ads?

Both are great options, but if you can online pick one keep reading this short guide that compares them both so you can make up your own mind.

Video Ads or Image Ads: Oh, the Dilemma!

This is not a decision to be made lightly. Even if finances are not an issue and you can use both services, you do not want to waste funds unnecessarily. You want the ad of your choice to bring in customers to your business.

So let’s dive right in and see how each service fares:

Video Ads

The obvious advantage of a video is that you can express more details. For example, if you are promoting a subscription service you can outline the features of this service. If you want to convince users to sign up for this subscription service – this may be your best bet.

A test was conducted which found that video ads lead to more sign-ups for free trials than image ads.

Another great advantage is that video ads can help build your audience very effectively.  With the Video Ads service, you can see who has watched your video and how much of it they watched.

If you find users who have only watched a portion of your video, you can deduce that they have a shorter attention span. You can always share a shorter video or different ad to target them specifically.

And finally, video ads are the most popular form of advertising.

Image Ads

But do not dismiss image ads! They also have tremendous advantages.

If you are looking to build an audience, particularly on social media, then an image ad may be your best bet.

An image immediately grabs a user’s attention – especially if they are casually scrolling through their Facebook feed. Once you have got their attention, they could “like” your Facebook page.

Eventually, these likes turn into them receiving regular notifications from your Facebook page. This means that you know have an audience of potential customers whom you can always reach out to.

An image ad can also direct an audience to a landing page. A landing page can be used to promote your business, gather email addresses, and market your products/services.

In other words, a landing page is a conversion tool. And an image ad is a quick way to lead an audience member to a landing page. This can then lead to conversion – your audience member will become a paid customer.

Choose What Is Right For You

So as you can see, video ads and image ads both have their benefits. They are also ideal for different uses. Evaluate what your business needs at the present moment to decide which type of Facebook ad service to use.

And drop us a line if you have more questions about marketing online!