PPC Affiliates: Improving Affiliate Marketing with PPC Strategies

ppc affiliates

Baked into most affiliate programs are restrictions for pay-per-click advertising. These restrictions usually include the use of brand names. Companies do this to avoid brand misrepresentation.


Unlocking your platform to PPC affiliates can have a profound impact on revenue.

Giving affiliates the proverbial “keys” to paid ad campaigns lets them get creative. And, use their marketing and ad expertise to run some amazing campaigns.

Here’s why you should consider meshing PPC with affiliate marketing.

Letting the PPC Affiliates Run Wild

In the affiliate agreement, you’ll see lines like “Cannot use the brand name”. Or, “No use of [Brand] + coupon. It makes sense given an affiliate could cannibalize sales and create unnecessary competition.

Left on the table is a lot of money with these restrictions — here’s the fix:


Great affiliate programs provide affiliates with creative and copy. These items get tested and produced by the in-house team. The goal is providing affiliates with verified assets to launch successful campaigns.

Imagine your team working alongside a super affiliate’s team:

  • Exchange successful campaign data
  • Increase campaign reach and scope

The company is effectively employing the affiliate in paid campaigns. This lets companies tap incredible talent while saving money. The affiliate wins by having a closer relationship — and shared resources — with the company.


Program churn rate exists so it’s important to keep affiliates happy. Whether it’s through contests or higher payouts, companies should cater to the “whales”.

Tandem PPC campaigns would become a mess if this were available to every affiliate. Instead, offer it to the 2 to 3 super affiliates. This works as a reward and retention strategy.


Offering PPC bidding could “burn” affiliates if they haven’t mastered the platforms. This could turn off affiliates and lose income sources.

It could, in a way, encourage mid-level affiliates to step up, too. This tiered opportunity becomes an incentive to improve efforts and campaigns.

An Amazing Affiliate Opportunity

Pitching the idea of opening PPC bidding offers an amazing opportunity. If given the go-ahead, you’ll want to work closely with the program’s director.

Here’s a quick way to start an affiliate PPC campaign:

1. Clarify Terms

Get confirmation to bid on branded terms in writing. Then, verify they’ve submitted a 3rd Party Authorization Request to AdWords. Else, check which approved non-AdWords PPC platforms they’re comfortable with.

Also, check on:

  • The current/planned company’s PPC campaigns
  • The best way to communicate and exchange data
  • The use of copyright media, testimonials, and claims

2. Build Something Valuable

You can’t expect a redirect page to fly with the company or ad platform. Instead, use your affiliate marketing knowledge to build valuable landing pages.

The page should:

  • Include info not found on the destination page
  • Match the tone/claims of said product or service

Reviews and tutorials work best as they offer a lot of great information. You’ll also enjoy organic search traffic and conversions. Of course, your affiliate link gets embedded throughout the page.

3. Run and Test Campaigns

Verify you’re within guidelines and begin bidding on approved terms. Include long-tail and lesser-used terms in the campaign, too.

As any good affiliate would do:

  • A/B test ad campaigns and landing pages
  • Optimize for conversions using feedback and data

And, as mentioned, work with the company to exchange what works.

A Challenge with High Income Potential

Opening the program to PPC affiliates let expert marketers do what they do best. On the affiliate side, PPC opens a new revenue channel. Mesh together and all parties will see higher ROI within the affiliate program.

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