Merry Christmas! 5 Great Holiday Campaigns to Inspire You

holiday campaigns

In 2016, retail advertising spend totaled $1,076 million U.S. dollars between the dates of November 21 and December 11. Quarter 4 can be a make-or-break season for your business and your bottom line.

Here are our top 5 choices of great holiday campaigns to inspire you and your advertising this season.

1. Spotify’s “2018 Goals” Holiday Campaign

Spotify’s holiday campaign in late 2017 is humorous and unique. With large adverts asking listeners to look forward to 2018, Spotify creatively incorporated user experience data into the copy.

One example read, “Be as mildly optimistic as the person who created the ‘I think I Cannes,’ playlist.”

Take note from Spotify and consider which company experiences or stats you can creatively incorporate into campaigns this season.

2. John Lewis & Partners’ The Boy and the Piano, 2018

John Lewis & Partners’ The Boy and the Piano advert ended with one simple message: that a gift can be more than just a gift.

The advert featured Elton John’s first piano in a heartfelt rendition of winter cheer. While it may not be possible for us all to feature Elton John in our holiday campaigns, keeping a heartfelt message can connect well over holidays.

Focusing on hobbies and passion projects is necessary when choosing to be an affiliate of brands. It’s also important when connecting with people during the holiday season.

3. McDonald’s UK 2018 #ReindeerReady

McDonald’s has marketed during Christmastime by showing Santa visiting a McDonald’s restaurant before. But it was their #ReindeerReady campaign in 2018 that really took the cake…or carrot.

This featured a heartwarming video in which Santa feeds his reindeer with McDonald’s baby carrots. The campaign also used unique Snapchat features. Through Snapchat, McDonald’s allowed users to play as carrot-collecting reindeer.

Consider unique interactive experiences for your holiday campaigns this season.

4. The Classic Starbucks Red Cups

In 2015, Starbucks made 11.9% more revenue in the 13 weeks leading up to December 17th. This was the year Starbucks featured minimalist red cups.

This was a turn: Starbucks had been featuring holiday cups since 1997. But 2015 was the year they removed “festive imagery.” The resulting controversy is credited with increasing sales. This was alongside Donald Trump’s comment that the designs were “anti-Christmas.”

We’re not suggesting you should start a controversy this holiday. But paying attention to trends and being ready to react online is essential for your marketing strategy.

5. M&M’s Bring Everyone Together Campaign, 2017

In M&M’s 2017 holiday campaign, Yellow M&M attempts to save Christmas. While he manages to deliver gifts, they are misplaced: some even landing on cars and even belonging to neighbors.

Yellow nervously asks Red if he’s ruined Christmas. To their (and Santa’s!) delight, lovers, friends and neighbors begin delivering the right presents across the street, in merriment.

This is similar to how affiliate marketing benefits customers, affiliates and your brand. Communicating your generosity can cultivate brand loyalty.

Connecting through Holiday Campaigns

It’s important to look for inspiration for your holiday marketing. Whether it’s through interactive ads, life stories or emotive connection tales, the holiday season is all about connection.

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