How to Create a Network of Affiliate Websites

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Everyone wants to make a passive income. But not everybody knows how.

If you’re looking at this page it means you’re creative and determined enough to look into starting your own affiliate program, which can make you money while you sleep if you’re successful.

In fact, 15 percent of digital media advertising revenue is due to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the art of making money while helping others make money – it’s a win-win. But if you don’t know how to acquire and maintain a stable network of affiliate websites, you and your affiliates aren’t going to make it very far.

If you want to create an affiliate network but aren’t sure how to start, keep reading for the key components to success for you and for your network.

Create a Network of Affiliate Websites

If you want that passive income you’ve always dreamt of with your own affiliate program, you’ll need to hustle in the beginning. First impressions are everything, so nailing down your resources and having something to show for yourself will be key in having a great network.

Partner Up

If you can’t grab the attention of the average internet user, then you’re not going to attract many affiliates. Creating your own affiliate network means you have to compel and convince them that your site is what their business needs.

Translation: you’ll have to find great marketers before anything else.

Since affiliate programs are basically the “promote” definition, you’re not going to make your case by having a program no one’s ever heard of. They can go with any program that’s accessible, visible, and eye-catching – so make sure that’s you.

Find Affiliates

Once you’ve established your services with great marketers and have something to show, you can move on the finding affiliates.

Affiliates will want to know why your service is the best and why they can rely on affiliate networks like yours to boost their revenue.

Make good offers that are reasonable in terms of what they pay you and what their ROI will be. Show them the hard numbers that you’ve collected during the marketer stage and present that.

Keeping affiliates means staying true to your word, so be clear about payment structures and when they will get their cut. Being flexible for them in a way that is still reasonable for you will keep your affiliates happy and they’ll want to stick with your services.

Stay on Top of Your Network

Once you have a handle on your network and it begins to grow, you need to check in on it daily.

Explore new tools, share data, and keep track of what works and doesn’t work for affiliates. Keeping an eye on your network not only helps you, but it shows your affiliates that you care and that you are working to make things easier for them.

Gain Experience in the Field 

If you are a beginner in the field, you might be wondering how to start an affiliate program for your business. You have to gain experience in online sales or marketing before you do anything.

Your affiliates want to see you know what you’re doing and that you have some experience with e-commerce – even if you’ve never host affiliate networks before.

Services like the Amazon affiliate link market their experience as the reason you should trust them – and at the end of the day, trust in your knowledge is what will make affiliates choose your service.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so make sure you have concrete knowledge about the industry.

Taking the First Steps

Getting started on your network of affiliate websites requires patience and determination, but the effort is worth the outcome.

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