How to Catch Attention With Unique Email Marketing Subject Lines

email marketing subject lines

By the year 2020, email will be used by 3 billion people around the world. Even in the age of social media, email still reigns. And your business can gain many leads and sales with email marketing.

But email marketing is complex. Since many emails end up in the user’s junk folder, it’s essential to capture the recipient before they even open your email. And the key way to do this is by writing a catchy subject line.

Are you new to email marketing? Have your past email marketing attempts been unsuccessful? Here’s how to write email marketing subject lines that capture attention.

Create Curiosity

Have you ever read a news article or opened a book because you were curious about the title? Email marketing has the power to create that interest to see what’s inside.

How do you create curiosity? Always leave a sense of mystery while tapping into the recipient’s interests. The customer will have to open the email to view the information. This helps accomplish your goal: higher email open rates.

For example, let’s say you’re an affiliate marketer and are sending out your monthly email newsletter.

Write a subject line such as, “What’s New This Month?” This identifies the purpose of your email and draws interest while creating curiosity.

Write With Urgency

This is a classic advertising method. Writing an urgent email subject line inspires customers to act immediately, resulting in a higher open rate but also conveys a response.

This method is useful if you’re hosting a sale. Language such as “Last Chance,” “Today Only,” or “Act Now” can at least entice a click from your recipients.

The only flaw with this method is it’s easy to sound spammy.

Always be creative when using urgent email subject lines. For example, if you own a music store, a headline such as “Vinyl Day Sale: 15% Off Today Only” is more creative than simply saying, “Last Chance to Buy Vinyl at 15% Off!”

Personalize Your Emails

Thanks to marketing automation, there are more ways to personalize emails than ever before. Many businesses use birthday emails and a subscriber’s shopping habits as a reason to personalize their emails.

But email automation can offer even more. You can personalize their email based on how much they spend at your business and their general likes and dislikes.

Send Coupons

If all else fails, emailing your customers coupons is always an easy way to increase your open rate. Your customers love shopping and they will be happiest if they receive a dollars or percentage off coupons and even a free product.

This is a common tactic used by clothing stores. You can keep the subject line vague such as “Today’s Deals Are HOT! Coupon Inside” or you can be more specific such as “Low Prices On Sweaters! Coupon Inside!”

Time to Write Those Catchy Email Marketing Subject Lines

Are your marketing emails ending up in your customer’s trash bin? Increase your email open rates with email marketing subject lines.

Now that you know how to write a subject line, it’s time to learn how to write intriguing email copy! Don’t worry, we already got you covered. Here’s how to write email copy that boosts sales.