Elevate Your Email Marketing Game: 5 Creative Newsletter Design Ideas

newsletter design ideas

There were an estimated 293.6 billion emails sent in 2019. Of course, they were not all part of an email marketing campaign but a good number were. Having the right newsletter design ideas will get your emails to stand out among the sea of messages consumers receive.

Building strong email lists is important in reaching your goals. People that sign-up for e-newsletters are more likely to open them.

Are you looking for ways to design newsletters people will be excited to receive? Keep reading for five ideas to elevate your email marketing game.

Use Newsletter Design Ideas That Work

People love consistency from the brands they love. Creating visual emails that establish who and what your brand represents is key to growing your following. Emails that lack consistency will confuse your subscribers.

Trying to wow people with the latest bells and whistles is a distraction. Provide quality content they want to read.

1. Create a Branded Header

Most email marketing services provide templates you can choose from. Select on that best represents your company and is easy to modify.

Use the header to identify your brand. It should include your logo, business name, tagline, and your company’s color scheme if you have one. If you are the brand, include your photo.

You may want to hire a graphic designer to create the perfect header since it will be a permanent staple in your newsletter.

2. Have Regular Features

Incorporate regular features in the newsletter design. Examples include:

  • Inspirational quotes
  • A coupon or special sales item
  • Social media links
  • Contact information

These features should be placed in the same location so subscribers will come to expect them.

3. Each Content Block Needs a Title

Visual email templates are designed to separate content with the use of content blocks. Each block can contain text, images, or video. To show a clear separation, use a title header in a larger bold font.

The title needs to be catchy and enticing to the reader. It is also a good idea to include a call-to-action (CTA) link to direct people to your website.

4. Use two to Three Columns

To break up the content in your newsletter design, create two or three columns for content. The center column is more dominant than the side columns. Place the newest and most important content in the dominant column.

5. Use Images, Videos, and Graphics

Images, videos, and other graphics are appealing additions when it comes to designing a newsletter. However, only use them if they relevant to the content you are marketing.

People love video so try to come up with creative ways to share your content by embedding video directly into your email.

Are You Ready to Design Your Newsletter?

We hope these newsletter design ideas have you thinking about ways to captivate your audience. Once you have your layout create interesting content that keeps them wanting more.

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