9 Essential PPC Planning Tips for Creating Successful Campaigns

ppc planning

Launching a PPC campaign is a great way to grow your business. While launching a PPC campaign does not guarantee a return on your investment, statistics show that a high ROI is likely. In fact, the average business gains $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend on ads. But, this is just the average.…

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How to Catch Attention With Unique Email Marketing Subject Lines

email marketing subject lines

By the year 2020, email will be used by 3 billion people around the world. Even in the age of social media, email still reigns. And your business can gain many leads and sales with email marketing. But email marketing is complex. Since many emails end up in the user’s junk folder, it’s essential to…

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4 Instagram Affiliate Marketing Strategies Your Business Has to Try

instagram affiliate marketing

The Internet is one of the most effective tools you can use to generate revenue. In fact, there are plenty of businesses that operate solely online. One of the most lucrative options is Instagram affiliate marketing. But, not everyone knows the proper way to go about it. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve…

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Go Viral! 4 Video Marketing Strategies for Highly Shareable Content

video marketing

You already know how hot video marketing is. But what you might not know is that social media is an important piece of the puzzle. According to a survey released last year, 56% of respondents spend the majority of their video-watching time on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram instead of traditional platforms like YouTube.…

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Top 5 Surprising SEO Tactics to Help Your Website Top the Charts

seo tactics

According to a survey released last year, 46% of companies spent no money on their SEO strategy. Is it any surprise that so many websites struggle to get attention? You can learn from their mistakes. SEO is a crucial part of growing your affiliate brand, but it isn’t something you should take lightly. Before coming…

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How to Create a Network of Affiliate Websites

affiliate websites

Everyone wants to make a passive income. But not everybody knows how. If you’re looking at this page it means you’re creative and determined enough to look into starting your own affiliate program, which can make you money while you sleep if you’re successful. In fact, 15 percent of digital media advertising revenue is due to…

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5 Principles of Landing Page Design You Don’t Want to Ignore

page design

Your landing page is the first thing people see when they visit your site but is it the best it could be? Follow these principles for a strong landing page design, and you will find even greater success. 1. Make Your Call to Action Obvious Keep in mind that visitors to your site are pressed…

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7 Insanely Easy SEO Trends for 2019

seo trends

Did you know that in 2017, 57% of marketers considered on-page content to be the most effective SEO tactic? With algorithms constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up with the latest SEO developments and tactics, but we have you covered. Check out these 7 easy SEO trends that you need to implement in…

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PPC Affiliates: Improving Affiliate Marketing with PPC Strategies

ppc affiliates

Baked into most affiliate programs are restrictions for pay-per-click advertising. These restrictions usually include the use of brand names. Companies do this to avoid brand misrepresentation. Yet: Unlocking your platform to PPC affiliates can have a profound impact on revenue. Giving affiliates the proverbial “keys” to paid ad campaigns lets them get creative. And, use…

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9 Essential Tips for Marketing to Millennials

marketing to millennials

Millennials are expected to make up a large percentage of America’s population by 2019. They are one of the most important buyers and that is why marketing to millennials is important. Not to be compared to the generations before them, Millennials have their own form of language and traditional ways of marketing will definitely not…

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