7 of the Highest Paying and Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

best affiliate programs for beginners

Consider this: over 50 percent of income from affiliate programs that pay daily comes from mobile phones. That explains why marketers spend an average of $12 billion per year on high ticket affiliate programs. Are you trying to learn about the very best affiliate programs for beginners? If yes, you should check out our list of high…

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How to Get Involved With Affiliate Marketing Jobs in 2020

affiliate marketing jobs

When we’re interested in new products or services, most of us head online to read articles and reviews. Today, that affiliate marketers are changing how we shop online. By 2022, the affiliate marketing industry is forecasted to reach the $8 billion mark. That’s nearly double what it was worth in 2015! Are you interested in…

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What Is a Landing Page? (and How Does It Work?)

Landing Page

A landing page is the mainstay of a brand’s digital presence. Crafted as a marketing and advertising vehicle, it attracts online traffic and drives business. Being a key entry point, it carries more weight than most other pages one owns. To unlock its full potential though, you have to understand what the landing page really…

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Elevate Your Email Marketing Game: 5 Creative Newsletter Design Ideas

newsletter design ideas

There were an estimated 293.6 billion emails sent in 2019. Of course, they were not all part of an email marketing campaign but a good number were. Having the right newsletter design ideas will get your emails to stand out among the sea of messages consumers receive. Building strong email lists is important in reaching your goals.…

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SEO for Dummies: A Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

seo for dummies

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Are you hoping to appear higher on a Google search for your business? Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the best ways to grow your business. But, doing it well can be confusing. Keep reading for a beginner’s guide to SEO for dummies!…

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5 SEO Tips That Will Boost Your Company’s Ranking (Fast!)

SEO Tips

Did you know that the number one spot on Google results pages gets over 33 percent of web traffic? If you want to improve your web traffic, you need to make sure you rise up the rankings. You don’t necessarily need to transform everything about your website to boost your ranking on Google. There are…

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Should You Use Video or Image Ads on Facebook?

image ads

Facebook’s paid ads service is a great way to boost sales for your product or service. If you are serious about growing your business, we highly encourage you to use Facebook’s paid ads service. But you are probably asking yourself – do I opt for video ads or image ads? Both are great options, but…

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Diving Into The Top SEO Marketing Tools Available On The Market Today

seo marketing tools

Millions of people are using affiliate links. So in a world with thousands of blogs and websites on every subject imaginable, how do you get people to click through your links? In this post, we’ll learn all about how SEO marketing tools can make or break your site. Keep reading to learn more! What is…

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Great Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Improving Your Business Success

Affiliate marketing strategies

Affiliate market spending is estimated to reach around 8 billion dollars in 2022, up 5 billion from 2017. Without a doubt, affiliate marketing is a popular marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing is when an online retailer pays a commission to an external website because of the traffic or sales it brings in. Anyone can benefit from affiliate…

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The Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing

benefits of video marketing

Hoping to boost engagement and increase your audience range? Good blog posts and effective web design are crucial factors but you shouldn’t ignore other tools too. For one thing, you can’t deny the popularity and efficiency offered by video marketing. Not sure how it works or why you should invest resources into it? Here are…

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