5 SEO Tips That Will Boost Your Company’s Ranking (Fast!)

SEO Tips

Did you know that the number one spot on Google results pages gets over 33 percent of web traffic?

If you want to improve your web traffic, you need to make sure you rise up the rankings. You don’t necessarily need to transform everything about your website to boost your ranking on Google.

There are actually a number of simple SEO tips that can help your website climb up the rankings. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Speed up Your Website

If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, then you can say goodbye to nearly half of your audience.

Apparently, up to 40 percent of web users leave after just three seconds. Since many people demand speedy loading times, you can’t afford to operate a slow webpage.

Many people exclusively use Google via their smartphones as well. If your webpage isn’t compatible with mobile devices, then you’ll frustrate a lot of your potential audience.

You might need to declutter your website to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible to keep your audience hooked.

2. Link to Other Webpages

You need to link to other webpages to show that you’re a credible website. You can also hope this encourages other websites to link back to you.

If you produce original and interesting content, then sooner or later, you can expect other websites to link back to you.

You can also reach out to other websites via social media and ask them to link back to your website. The worst-case scenario is that they simply say no.

3. Update Meta-Descriptions

When someone searches for your keywords, then the Google results page displays your page with a headline and meta-description.

This is essentially what everyone first sees on your webpage. If you show a messy and unclear description, then nobody is going to click through.

That’s why including eye-catching keywords is important to make sure Google rewards you with a boost for your webpage.

4. Use Clear and Relevant URLs

You want your URLs to be clear and understandable for search engines and readers. Keep it simple for everyone.

You don’t want to include a URL that looks like this:


Instead, your URL would be better served by something like this:


This is a simple tip that could make all the difference to your ranking on Google’s results pages next time.

5. Describe Images With Keywords

If you’re not already using images in your blog, then you need to fix this. Blogs with images receive up to 94 percent more clicks compared with blogs without images.

You need to ensure that when you include an image, you also add keywords to the description. This can give you another opportunity to bolster your ranking.

SEO Tips for Fast Boosts to Your Ranking

If you want to boost your ranking on Google, but don’t have much time, then you need to focus on what will make the biggest difference.

From linking to other websites and fixing your meta-descriptions, these are simple and quick SEO tips to improve your ranking.

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