5 Principles of Landing Page Design You Don’t Want to Ignore

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Your landing page is the first thing people see when they visit your site but is it the best it could be? Follow these principles for a strong landing page design, and you will find even greater success.

1. Make Your Call to Action Obvious

Keep in mind that visitors to your site are pressed for time so you need to grab their attention and keep it. As such, it is in your best interest to help them spend time on your site effectively.

One of the best ways to do this is by making sure that your landing page design is easy to navigate. This allows them to access the resources you are providing and potentially convert them into repeat visitors if they are satisfied.

2. Limit Your Requests for Customer Information

The goal here is to have the visitors opt to buy your service or products with as little prompting as possible. By letting them make the decision independently, you are creating room for them to have a sense of ownership and perhaps even pride in the process.

An effective landing page will limit the amount of data and personal information it asks for, with just a simple email address form or subscription button. Once the customer opts in from the landing page, you should follow through with the information and resources promised.

However, if a quest for more information is more aligned with your business’ needs, then adapt your landing page to reflect this without overwhelming your visitors.

3. Do Not Bury the Lead

Landing pages are a lot like the front page of a newspaper; start with the important news and follow with the feeder or more dated content.

By putting your important assets at the front of the landing page, you ensure that information does not escape your visitors’ attention thus improving their chances of opting in on your calls to action. Should your visitors be distracted, you are sure to have a fragment of their attention, to begin with.

However, try not to introduce your call to action until you are satisfied that the visitor is interested in doing more. Let them first understand your service, what it does and who it does it for, then they can decide if it works for them.

4. Offer Solutions Through Page Design

People are more interested in products that can positively change their lives. By focusing on your visitors’ goals, pain points, and possible solutions, you are creating room for a connection. People tend to support causes they feel connected to.

However, sometimes a sense of urgency will triumph over the benefits of a product. With this in mind, you can moderately push the occasional sale on your landing page from time to time.

5. Earn Your Visitors’ Trust

In an age where privacy is not prioritized as much as it should be, it is up to you to make your visitors feel comfortable about divulging their information to you. Manipulate the principles of design to work to your advantage by offering a simple yet secure landing page that allows your visitors to share their information without running the risk of a leak.

Move With The Times

Internet users are constantly growing and morphing so do not get left behind. Grow with them and demonstrate this growth through efficient page design by periodically creating a landing page that reflects who your customer is and their needs.

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